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Prof Stuart Ball Addresses the History Society

Monday, 3 February, 2014 -- Helen Wilson

On Thursday January 23rd, the History Society was visited by Professor Stuart Ball of the University of Leicester and an Old Elthamian. Professor Ball gave the pupils a lecture about why the period 1918 to 1945 saw such a dominance for the Conservative Party in Britain. Professor Ball, who researches and publishes regularly on the Conservative Party in the inter-war period took the pupils, comprised mainly of A level pupils but joined by a few keen GCSE pupils, through the external and internal political factors that contributed to their electoral success.

Having left the school in 1974, this was the first time that Professor Ball had returned and he enjoyed reminiscing about the school, remembering fondly his time. He also kindly presented the school with a signed copy of his work on Winston Churchill.

The lecture, delivered by Professor Ball, will have served to encourage pupils to study History beyond A levels and also served to introduce those in the Upper Sixth to the style of teaching that they will most likely encounter when the head off to Higher Education in the near future.

Michael Wearn - Eltham College History Teacher