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Communication Preferences

We want to ensure that you are receiving the right level of communication and via the channels most convenient for you.

Below are some of the options we offer for communication preferences; click on the link below to generate an email to us.  If there is a communication preference that you wish to discuss with us and is not listed below, please call the Elthamians Office on 0208 851 9840 or email elthamians@eltham-college.org.uk

Receive all communications via email

Receive all communications via postal address

Unsubscribe from Eltham College newsletters

Unsubscribe from Elthamians updates

No further communication from Elthamians
(Please note that this option will result in no further communications or contact from Elthamians, including invites to reunions and events).

If you would like to update any of your details, you can email us with any details you wish to update at elthamians@eltham-college.org.uk