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Martyn Jenkins

Steve Jeal writes:

I felt a little bereft when I read about the passing of Martyn Jenkins in the Elthamians magazine just received, may I write a little tribute:

When my year (1990) first stepped up to adults rugby there was a magnificent diversity of characters at Foxbury. But certain people were just there, in the background playing in every team whether rugby or cricket week in week out, stalwarts who would never let you down. That was Jenks. Over 15 or so years I played countless games of rugby and cricket with him from 1s to 4s. And he was just there. Never complained, propped, scrum never collapsed on his side. A gentle man by nature but if the opposition tight head had a swing at him, he would certainly give it back.

But he came into his own skippering the legendary Sunday 2s cricket team in the early to mid 90s. The team was defined by another Elthamians legend - Steve Hart - but we had the full English of hungover twenty somethings with a smattering of sensible chaps and between us we travelled South London usually winning because at least two of us would pull something out the bag. And Jenkins was our leader.

These days Old Elthamians is a completely different beast. But the reason why Old Elthamians rugby and cricket survived through some quite lean times is because of people like Jenks. Quiet on the pitch, a little loud in the bar but there, week in, week out, never letting you down.