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Projects supported

In 2017 the Annual Fund was used to ask for support for the building of the Foxbury Medical and Well-being Centre alongside a generous donation from the Old Elthmains Association. We are delighted to report that the Centre is being built alongside the Turberville Building. They are both projected to open in February 2019.

Annual Fund Projects 2016/17

3D Ceramic printer including workshops for teachers and students £1500
UV Light boxes x 2 for Art £278
Stevenson Screen weather station for Geography £425
Mandarin Club games to promote learning and understanding £128
3D resin printer for DT Greenpower project £3359
DMX Transceivers x 4 for Tech Crew and co-curricualr events £1020
Ski tuning equipment for Ski Club £1212
Coding Club equipment and software £224
Jazz Workshop (partially funded - the rest will be raised with ticket income) £2000
PCR Thermocycler for Biology £1560
Vernier Emissions Spectrometer for Physics £1000
Tug of War rope for House Competition £162
A3 large format scanner for Art and the GMG £535
Active Sat Map 12 Platinum Pack for Geology £600
C.R Clarke 725 FLB, Vacuum Forming Machine for DT £2564
Google 3D VR Glasses for Coding Club £32

Annual Fund Projects 2015/16

Robotics kits for House STEM/Technology challenge £2254
Sewing machine for the Junior School Art Club and Art lessons £149
Canon EOS 750D for use by Geography students and subject staff £600
Giant Chess Board for the Junior School playground £340
Behringer x32 Sound Desk for students Technical Crew £1949
Newspaper Stixx Rolling Kit for the Art department £525
Brower Timing System – Wireless and portable speed gate system £1074
Swimming Pool Scoreboard. YPR25 252WP control console / H550 chrono (radio) £712
71-V-A3-SWING Sublimation Starter Kit A3 (Virtuoso SG800) with Digital Swing Away Heat Press for Design and Technology £2200
Complete set of ski tuning equipment that will allow our teams to prepare and look after their equipment during training and competitions.  £885
A set of radios to improve feedback and communication between skiers and coaches. £360
Bird feeders, nest boxes, bug hotels and wildlife habitats kits for use at the Junior School on lunch times and break times. £177
Green Power Project FORMIT 3-in-1 Universal Metal Machine and Floor Stand £750
Multi-player table tennis table designed to increase the number of players, playing at one time. T3 ONE70 and T3 Bat Set for Junior School £563
Gala concert to showcase Eltham College brass players in conjunction with Bromley Youth Music Trust including professional ensemble coach our students and provide a master-class. £750
Drum kit for the Junior School £300

Annual Fund Projects 2014/15

Mini Fence Plastic Equipment - To instruct beginner fencers £300
Rocketeers equipment - To assist with high altitude launch project £750
Community Service - Greenhouse for the vegetable patch £400
Green Power Project - Contribution towards pupil fundraising £1020
Replacement Projector Screen in the Chapel for assemblies £330
BOLA Machine Stand on wheels x 2 £1416
Roland Keyboard Amplifier KC 350 for Music Department £390
One pair of conga drums: ‘Aspire’ Conga Set, Natural Wood with stands £280
Recording Club & Music Department- Hand held recording devices x 3 £207
Junior School Playground Clock £540
A mini bassoon for the Junior School £2400
2 Active (powered) speakers (+stands) and a mixing desk (+case) £2500

Annual Fund Projects 2013/14

3 x " Strongman" Tyres for Rugby Training and House Competition £130
Ceramics Printing System £4200
Green Power Project - Contribution towards pupil fundraising £1000
30 x Akuma Tournament Coats for PE £1620
Junior School Kite Club £250
Ahoy Band and Music £1700
Rubik's Cubes for Maths £202
Intercom System for ABH Theatre and Drama £1100
Water Polp Equipment £544

Annual Fund Projects 2012/13

Roto Spray Plus for D&T £1100
Sony Handycam with zoom for PE £650
Dixieland Band upgrade - £2034 £2034
English String Orchestra Masterclasses £3000
Sound System in ABH £2000
Alison Balsom Trumpet Masterclass £1000
Junior School Canon G12 Digital Camera £500
GMG Knitting Machine and 3 sewing machines £830
Swingle Singers Masterclass £400
Grenadier Guards Marching Band visit £500
Scrapyard Composition Project £500
Portable floodlights £5000

Annual Fund Projects 2011/12

Waterpolo Club equipment £2000
Junior School Music Folders £400
Junior School Chamber Choir Master Classes £500
Chess Club clocks £260
Printing Press for Gerald Moore Gallery £2770
Senior School Jazz Orchestra and First String Orchestra folders £600
Portable Rugby and Hockey scoreboard £800
Set and Lighting Master Classes for the ABH £500
Music Master Classes £2000
Art Master Classes £1000
Biology Torso for Junior School £500
Cricket covers for 1st XI square (To be purchased in 2013) £3500
Gerald Moore Gallery Recording equipment, Camcorder & MP3 players £600
Fencing Equipment £1500
Class set of Digital cameras for JS £1750
2 x Electric cookers for cookery club £500
Quiet area benches for the sculpture garden £1000

Annual Fund Projects 2010/11

Maths: Quizdom Q4 Response units £1540
Inspirational visitors - Brian Ashton, Peter Tatchell, Sir Andrew Motion £4000
Music: Brass and Woodwind instruments £3000
Geology and Physics: Earth Magnetometer £1500
Fencing electronic equipment £660
JS Gardening equipment £300
DT: Arkwright Scholars sponsorship £2000
Music Stands and storage cart £1650
Guitar Amps and leads £300
Portable medical couch £520
Wedges to enclose 1st XV Rugby pitch £2000
DoE: Large-scale school Mapping & Orienteering Courses £1250
Drama: Digital archive of production photos £1500
JS: Peer mentoring bench £300
ECO Eltham: Bike Generator £1000

 Annual Fund Projects 2009/10

Music: Choir and Orchestra folders £1324
PE: Dartfish Software and laptop £4300
JS: Cooking Club Beko cookers £1000
Fencing equipment £2100
Physics: Portable telescopes £480
English: 3 x E-readers £660
Art: Recording equipment £400
Music: Shoulder rests for violins and violas £250
Music: Jazz Orchestra/Concert Band folders £1000
JS: Bird boxes £200
Sound System for KGH £6000
Art: Colour calibration device £300
PE /Junior School mobile cricket nets £3000
Music: Jazz Orchestra music stands £700

Annual Fund Projects 2008/9

Screen Printing £1000 £1000
The Music Department 6 TASCAM DR-Is: digital recorders £700
Hockey Rebound Board £740 £740
Drama: Smoke Machines £500
Modern Languages: 6 TASCAM DR-Is digital recorders £700
Iridium Model 9595a (Traveller Pack) phone £1300
HD Video Cameras £1900 £1900
Inspirational Visitors £5000 £5000

Annual Fund Projects 2007/8

Green Power Challenge Car £1000
Cameras for Junior School £900
Cameras for Art Department £800
Kettlebells and Hockey store for PE Dept £800
Installation of Recording Studio for Music Department £2000
Leather Chairs for The Library £1200
Digital Cricket Scoreboard £7000
GPS tracking devices for DoE £2000
Fencing Piste £1200
Digital Lighting desk and lights for The Theatre £5500
Playground equipment for Junior School £4500