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Projects supported

Annual Fund Projects 2016/17

3D Ceramic printer including workshops for teachers and students £1500
UV Light boxes x 2 for Art £278
Stevenson Screen weather station for Geography £425
Mandarin Club games to promote learning and understanding £128
3D resin printer for DT Greenpower project £3359
DMX Transceivers x 4 for Tech Crew and co-curricualr events £1020
Ski tuning equipment for Ski Club £1212
Coding Club equipment and software £224
Jazz Workshop (partially funded - the rest will be raised with ticket income) £2000
PCR Thermocycler for Biology £1560
Vernier Emissions Spectrometer for Physics £1000
Tug of War rope for House Competition £162
A3 large format scanner for Art and the GMG £535
Active Sat Map 12 Platinum Pack for Geology £600
C.R Clarke 725 FLB, Vacuum Forming Machine for DT £2564
Google 3D VR Glasses for Coding Club £32

Annual Fund Projects 2015/16

Robotics kits for House STEM/Technology challenge £2254
Sewing machine for the Junior School Art Club and Art lessons £149
Canon EOS 750D for use by Geography students and subject staff £600
Giant Chess Board for the Junior School playground £340
Behringer x32 Sound Desk for students Technical Crew £1949
Newspaper Stixx Rolling Kit for the Art department £525
Brower Timing System – Wireless and portable speed gate system £1074
Swimming Pool Scoreboard. YPR25 252WP control console / H550 chrono (radio) £712
71-V-A3-SWING Sublimation Starter Kit A3 (Virtuoso SG800) with Digital Swing Away Heat Press for Design and Technology £2200
Complete set of ski tuning equipment that will allow our teams to prepare and look after their equipment during training and competitions.  £885
A set of radios to improve feedback and communication between skiers and coaches. £360
Bird feeders, nest boxes, bug hotels and wildlife habitats kits for use at the Junior School on lunch times and break times. £177
Green Power Project FORMIT 3-in-1 Universal Metal Machine and Floor Stand £750
Multi-player table tennis table designed to increase the number of players, playing at one time. T3 ONE70 and T3 Bat Set for Junior School £563
Gala concert to showcase Eltham College brass players in conjunction with Bromley Youth Music Trust including professional ensemble coach our students and provide a master-class. £750
Drum kit for the Junior School £300

Annual Fund Projects 2014/15

Mini Fence Plastic Equipment - To instruct beginner fencers £300
Rocketeers equipment - To assist with high altitude launch project £750
Community Service - Greenhouse for the vegetable patch £400
Green Power Project - Contribution towards pupil fundraising £1020
Replacement Projector Screen in the Chapel for assemblies £330
BOLA Machine Stand on wheels x 2 £1416
Roland Keyboard Amplifier KC 350 for Music Department £390
One pair of conga drums: ‘Aspire’ Conga Set, Natural Wood with stands £280
Recording Club & Music Department- Hand held recording devices x 3 £207
Junior School Playground Clock £540
A mini bassoon for the Junior School £2400
2 Active (powered) speakers (+stands) and a mixing desk (+case) £2500

Annual Fund Projects 2013/14

3 x " Strongman" Tyres for Rugby Training and House Competition £130
Ceramics Printing System £4200
Green Power Project - Contribution towards pupil fundraising £1000
30 x Akuma Tournament Coats for PE £1620
Junior School Kite Club £250
Ahoy Band and Music £1700
Rubik's Cubes for Maths £202
Intercom System for ABH Theatre and Drama £1100
Water Polp Equipment £544

Annual Fund Projects 2012/13

Roto Spray Plus for D&T £1100
Sony Handycam with zoom for PE £650
Dixieland Band upgrade - £2034 £2034
English String Orchestra Masterclasses £3000
Sound System in ABH £2000
Alison Balsom Trumpet Masterclass £1000
Junior School Canon G12 Digital Camera £500
GMG Knitting Machine and 3 sewing machines £830
Swingle Singers Masterclass £400
Grenadier Guards Marching Band visit £500
Scrapyard Composition Project £500
Portable floodlights £5000

Annual Fund Projects 2011/12

Waterpolo Club equipment £2000
Junior School Music Folders £400
Junior School Chamber Choir Master Classes £500
Chess Club clocks £260
Printing Press for Gerald Moore Gallery £2770
Senior School Jazz Orchestra and First String Orchestra folders £600
Portable Rugby and Hockey scoreboard £800
Set and Lighting Master Classes for the ABH £500
Music Master Classes £2000
Art Master Classes £1000
Biology Torso for Junior School £500
Cricket covers for 1st XI square (To be purchased in 2013) £3500
Gerald Moore Gallery Recording equipment, Camcorder & MP3 players £600
Fencing Equipment £1500
Class set of Digital cameras for JS £1750
2 x Electric cookers for cookery club £500
Quiet area benches for the sculpture garden £1000

Annual Fund Projects 2010/11

Maths: Quizdom Q4 Response units £1540
Inspirational visitors - Brian Ashton, Peter Tatchell, Sir Andrew Motion £4000
Music: Brass and Woodwind instruments £3000
Geology and Physics: Earth Magnetometer £1500
Fencing electronic equipment £660
JS Gardening equipment £300
DT: Arkwright Scholars sponsorship £2000
Music Stands and storage cart £1650
Guitar Amps and leads £300
Portable medical couch £520
Wedges to enclose 1st XV Rugby pitch £2000
DoE: Large-scale school Mapping & Orienteering Courses £1250
Drama: Digital archive of production photos £1500
JS: Peer mentoring bench £300
ECO Eltham: Bike Generator £1000

 Annual Fund Projects 2009/10

Music: Choir and Orchestra folders £1324
PE: Dartfish Software and laptop £4300
JS: Cooking Club Beko cookers £1000
Fencing equipment £2100
Physics: Portable telescopes £480
English: 3 x E-readers £660
Art: Recording equipment £400
Music: Shoulder rests for violins and violas £250
Music: Jazz Orchestra/Concert Band folders £1000
JS: Bird boxes £200
Sound System for KGH £6000
Art: Colour calibration device £300
PE /Junior School mobile cricket nets £3000
Music: Jazz Orchestra music stands £700

Annual Fund Projects 2008/9

Screen Printing £1000 £1000
The Music Department 6 TASCAM DR-Is: digital recorders £700
Hockey Rebound Board £740 £740
Drama: Smoke Machines £500
Modern Languages: 6 TASCAM DR-Is digital recorders £700
Iridium Model 9595a (Traveller Pack) phone £1300
HD Video Cameras £1900 £1900
Inspirational Visitors £5000 £5000

Annual Fund Projects 2007/8

Green Power Challenge Car £1000
Cameras for Junior School £900
Cameras for Art Department £800
Kettlebells and Hockey store for PE Dept £800
Installation of Recording Studio for Music Department £2000
Leather Chairs for The Library £1200
Digital Cricket Scoreboard £7000
GPS tracking devices for DoE £2000
Fencing Piste £1200
Digital Lighting desk and lights for The Theatre £5500
Playground equipment for Junior School £4500