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Annual fund

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is an appeal made yearly to all members of the Eltham College Community. It aims to provide the resources to fund modest and achievable projects which enhance the life and educational development of our pupils. It also provides bursarial support for those who would not otherwise be able to benefit from what Eltham College has to offer.

Another feature of the Annual Fund is that it nurtures a closer relationship between the school and Old Elthamians, parents and friends through regular giving to projects that will be realised within a year. In this way we seek to show that gifts of any size can make a genuine difference to the school and that it is your participation that really counts.

The Annual Fund now has a proven track record and continues to deliver real benefits to parents, pupils and staff which school fees alone simply cannot deliver. Eltham College is striving to provide the very best educational environment to develop the next generation of young people, enabling them to reach their true potential. The first seven Annual Fund campaigns have raised over 800,000, two thirds of which has been distributed in Bursaries.

Why give to Eltham College?

Eltham College is a successful school. We are proud of our reputation, the achievements of our pupils and the contribution of our former pupils to every walk of life. Our beautiful surroundings and striking buildings are treasured by the whole school community. However, despite these gifts, Eltham College is not a richly endowed school. Without the considerable generosity of preceding generations, Eltham College could not afford to provide all that it does for today’s pupils. Carefully managed fee income does not cover all that we would like to do, or all that we wish to accomplish in the future. We also want to extend the possibility of an Eltham College education to able pupils regardless of family income through the Bursary Fund.

What will the money be spent on?


Eltham College used to receive government funding to support about a quarter of all pupils under the Direct Grant and then the Assisted Places Schemes. The funding was phased out, ending in 2004. To stay true to the wishes of our founders, and to keep the school open to all who would benefit, we undertook to replace as much of this funding as possible from school resources and fund-raising. Over 200 boys and girls currently receive assistance; £70,000 was raised for Bursaries in the last Annual Fund.

Culture and the Arts:-

Many visitors come to the school for cultural events. They are impressed with both the standard and the numbers of boys and girls involved, whether it is in the many choirs and ensembles, stage productions, or the pupil artwork displayed around the school. In recent years Annual Fund paid for new Dixieland Band instruments and master classes in Music along with a Sound System in ABH and a ceramic printer for the Gerald Moore Gallery.

Sports and Outdoor Pursuits:-

Participation in sport and outdoor pursuits helps to shape a pupil’s future interests. The 2012 and 2013 Appeals provided a new HD video camera for coaching in all sports and portable floodlights for winter training.

Area of greatest need:-

A gift to the unrestricted fund is one of the most valuable gifts you can make. We will decide which of the above funds most needs your donation. Projects which don’t fit into either of the above categories include a Roto Spray Plus for making printed circuits in D&T, supported the Green Power Challenge car and a set of kites for the Junior School Kite Club.

How much should I give?

However much you feel comfortable giving. Participation is the key, not the level of generosity. Gifts can be single or spread over the year through paying monthly by direct debit. If you are a UK taxpayer, signing the Gift Aid declaration on the Gift Form will maximise the value of your donation. For every £100 donated, Eltham College can claim an additional £25 from HM Revenue and Customs. If you are a higher-rate taxpayer you will also be able to claim extra tax relief on your gift from HM Revenue and Customs through your annual Self-Assessment Return.

How does the process work?

Apart from bursaries, which are awarded by the Headmaster according to need, projects are proposed by the teachers and pupils from the Junior and Senior Schools. Each application is scrutinized by the Annual Fund Committee, which is made up of individuals from the governing, teaching, pupil, parent and alumni bodies and projects are approved according to assessed need. The Fund runs for the length of the academic year and a report on the projects supported will be produced in July 2015.