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Colin Joseph Dudley DFC

"A very dear O.E died in his sleep on 28/10/14. We were contemporaries finishing our Matric year in 1939 only to part unknown to one another for many years. He joined the RAF and being a brilliant mathematician became a navigator. After 39 trips he received the Distinguished Flying Cross (no wonder!). We met, by chance, at the RSA in Adelaide and got on famously as did our wives .  We had both been popular with Mc Ivor but he went on to run a big art school in Canterbury before coming out to be with his daughter who had migrated earlier.  In Canterbury he had done art work for the cathedral and slowly began to unravel the secrets of the design using his mathematical skill.  He eventually cracked the whole system which had never been done. It applies to all the cathedrals.  He continued in Adelaide and at 79 was granted a Doctorate due to his Thesis.

His wife is already in a nursing home.  His son is the lead violinist with the Royal Opera house orchestra. (Colin was also a singer and a brilliant portrait painter)

We shall miss him but I thought that you two might care to hear of the passing of a fine O.E.

Kindest regards

OE Arthur Comport (1935-40)