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Alan Jones Obituary

Alan Jones (1930-2017)

(At Eltham College 1947- 1948)

Alan Jones was born on 12 March 1930 at Lewisham Hospital and died on 3 July 2018.  During the Second World War his parents moved to Nottingham where he gained a place at grammar school.  On returning to south-east London he attended Eltham College, studying sciences and eventually becoming a chartered engineer.

He studied at evening classes for 5 years, gaining a diploma in company management, and these qualifications enabled him to rise to Managing Director for the two largest electrical contracting companies in the UK during his career.  One of these was Balfour Kirkpatrick, now part of Balfour Beatty, who had a 50/50 contract with the French for all the electrics in the Channel Tunnel, as well as the connection between England and France which was buried 1.5 metres in the sea bed.

Alan’s main interests were sport, playing cricket, rugby and tennis when he was younger, and later golf; he also enjoyed reading a wide variety of books as well as gardening.  He travelled widely overseas, prospecting and establishing joint ventures.  Including his holidays with his wife Brenda, he visited around 80 different countries.  Alan leaves three children, Persephone, Haydn and Anneliese and four grandchildren aged 7-13.